Autumn Equinox: Time of Balance

The autumn comes showing us how change can be beautiful, to teach us all the good about the idea of letting go.

At 3:54 am (Spain) we will have the Autumn Equinox that marks the change of season.

In the Northern Hemisphere the autumn will arrive, what means change, reflection and cleanse to create what will be a new place for life. And in the southern hemisphere the spring will arrive, as a renovation of the vitality, the moment to flourish and live. These are the transition stations.

What will happens?

The axis of the earth will be exactly perpendicular to the sun’s rays, creating balance between day and night. This is a representation of how the duality between light and darkness vanishes.

It is said that day and night have the same duration, but it’s something that really depends on where we are, then there is always a small margin of difference.

“Once again, night and day stand on perfect balance”

By the nature of this event, we have an invitation to B A L A N C E ◒.  For work on it during what means an inner preparation period in the process of reveal light for what will bring us the next winter solstice.

We can do it supported in the autumn arrival, because it means the starter of a reflection period and a cleanse in all the levels.

At the moment of the equinox all the influences in the planet are i balance. Which in our human life is translated as a balance between the masculine and feminine energy.

But there more about this moment of balance:

In the Yogui tradition it’s a day free of prejudice. During which doesn’t exist identity with our masculine or feminine energy or with the form that we exist, we are in balance and in that state isn’t space for prejudice, because it isn’t more than the result of our mind identifying with something.

During this day we can take a moment to pause and let go our thoughts. Is enough with just stay quite and fix our attention in some point that bring to us calm, letting the air flow across our body in a neutral state.