Be words

There are two heartbeats

The creative impulse of life is the most powerful force in the universe. Today I believe it because I am living it.

I can say that I had never feel excitement in the way I did it the day I listened the sound of two heartbeats coming from inside my body. The only word that I had for described it was: amazing. I felt it as magic, and it is, is the magic in the womens capacity of create life.

From my observer position I have always look at the mothers with admiration eyes, thinking about the amount of love and patience that they role involves, the challenges that they use to face and the courage that they need to have. This role, is something new in my life experience and from  the moment  I knew I am a mom to be my empathy has raised.

“The body of a woman who is to conceive is being chosen as a channel For the expression of divinity into materiality. Although ovulation is a law of nature, conception is law of god”. -Edgar Cayse.

I am already used to listen about the changes that are coming, there are many social theories (how I call it) about it. Usually it comes in form of comments, some of them are positives and others are less, but I had noticed that many times the backside of them associate the change with challenge and fear.

Facing many of those theories and comments I have to say that there are two strong feelings that for me are more important to highlight: love and hope, they are the positive side, and of course sometimes can be hard to ignore the fear, but the magic of the little one growing inside the womb is pure and free of fears.

The pregnancy is a period determined by change and growth, in the body and in the life, it is creating, transforming and evolving. It is a process, and along the way to be a mom there will be situations and teachings.

In the awareness of bring a life to this world, we are assuming sacred trust to love and nourish a divine impulse that is manifestating humanity.

For nine months the mom experiences and interpretations of the world filter through her body to the unborn baby. So the choices that we make as a mother are key to providing the best beginning, and our expanded awareness is the key to making the best choices.

Is a period for enjoy all the changes, we are blessed with that capacity of creation and is a miracle what is happening inside our womb. Is our choice to embrace it with the best attitude.