Slow down: 10 Things Pregnant Women Should Do

Slow down is not a new word in my life, certainly it has being for couple years one of my hardest intentions to put in action, always present in my lifestyle choices, but not in the proportion I wished.

During my first months of pregnancy my experiences made it a must for my well being and I decided to work on develop it as a life basis, and throughout my process of create a life it has being also one of my biggest lessons.

Why does this matter?

Because I know that as pregnant women, the choices that we make are key to providing the best beginning to the baby, and our expanded awareness is the key to making the best choices. For that reason I have invested time on improve my daily routine through my morning meditation, my yoga practice and my physical activity. But the last week I felt it wasn’t enough.

Couple days ago I noticed that I was feeling me bit anxious and stressed, I was overfilling my to do list for the week, overthinking situations and being too focus on work and develop all the creative ideas that were coming to my mind.

That’s not all…

This kind of behaviour is something I always considered normal in my life, but thinking about it my conclusion was that it comes from the time when I wasn’t pregnant, and now that attitude can be struggling my true intentions of honor the changes I am experiencing and cultivate my balance while I nourish my body, my mind and my baby.

I listened to myself and express my thoughts. Then I realised that I was needing be persistent and focus on slow down my life because at this moment I am creating a new life and it’s a process that requires time, energy and attention. That’s the priority, and will be just some months for something that totally worth it.

I was needing remind:

Slow down to tune into a new life

My life is changing and is normal to experience emotions. Now as mom to be, knowing that my unborn baby responses to my experiences, reactions and emotions, I definitely want to bring her the best. I am totally responsable for what I let happens to my balanced state of mind and the actions I decide to take to keep it.


For this reason today I want share with you 10 Things Pregnant Women Should Do:

They are simple actions that cultivate the good experiences through pregnancy.  I have being working on them to help maintain a balanced state and I consider can be useful for other future moms in their journey.

1. Slow down and honor our changes.

2. Send loving thoughts to our unborn baby, do it a few times through the day.

3. Journal about our experiences. This is really useful to express our emotions and fears, and we can also do it as letter to our baby as a way to connect.

4. Filter the information we are absorbing, try to watch and read nice things instead of sad or negative things that create that kind of emotions in us.

5. Stimulate our senses in ways that we feel good: Sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch.

6. Be mindful as we choose the food we eat and at the moment we eat.

7. Spend time in the nature.

8. Practice meditation, is really useful to be aware of what’s happening inside us.

9. Move our body, is good for us and for our baby. Try to walk more.

10. Practice yoga, it helps to connect with our body and our baby while we reduce physical discomforts that comes with the pregnancy, as backache.