Be words

Missing out to give love to ourselves

Being women, we are naturally the action in the verb to give. We connect with the world by what we give.

This is something we do from our different roles. Either as mothers, daughters, professionals, partners or friends. But sometimes we forget to do it from our individual role, missing out to give love to ourselves.

The meaning of giving, is related with words such as offer, provide, grant or with dispense something to someone.

To give, talking about personal relationships, is one of the ways that we have to express love, which is a feeling applied to our emotional part and our actions … That’s when we start talking about “give love.”

Today I want dedicate this illustration to that “give love”. But applied to the relationship we have with ourselves. Which from B’womland’s vision is the most basic relationship, even if sometimes it’s also one of the hardest to take care of.

Why am I talking about this with you?

Because I want to question in what ways we are giving love to ourselves? or in which ways could we do it?

Lately I had being exploring about different ways of love, and I came across the following words of Sadhguru:

“If you can look at everything lovingly, the whole world becomes beautiful in your experience. You realize love is not something that you do; love is the way you are. “

So, I thought that if:

Love is not something that is done, it is the way you are.

Let’s try to “be love” and give it above all with ourselves.

By following this way, we will see how we pay more attention to how we take care of ourselves, we give a new awareness to our actions, we are more interested in our well-being and in include in our life what support us feed or increase it.

As part of this, keep in mind that from our diet, our practices and with small changes in our attitude we can see differences in our body, our mind and even in the environment.

In B’womland I share my journey, while I cultivate self-care from my lifestyle, because I believe that take care of ourselves comes first.
For more, I invite you to pay attention to our next posts.