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New Year Intentions and Ritual

<We are what we decide to become>

The end of the year is the perfect reminder to take a break, pause a bit our life and reflect on what is going on, is a good moment to go back and think about the lessons learned, recognise the achievements and draw new landscapes to broke our old patterns and create new ones.

Wishes, resolutions, dreams, intentions and goals… are common words during these last days of the year. But many times our ego is hidden and is easy to feel lost about how to achieve those things that we wish.

Then is important to don’t go into obsessive plans or focus on social trends as loose weight or earn more money, these are things from outside, and is inside from where energy will flows out.

We should remind that inside is where the light is, where the warmth is where the answers are to be found. Inside ourselves, connected with the deepest, truest aspects of being, we find the stillness, peace, and grace that can be so hard to find outside.

Don’t know what you want?

The first step to call in your dreams is connect with yourself to know them. After this will be easier to create the 2019 version of yourself, empowered, clear, and ready to manifest any wish.✨

Today I invite you to start by honor yourself and celebrate what you are, and from that place with gratitude draw where you want to move and what you want to improve or change for the new year that is coming.

For this reason, I want share with you a simple ritual:

It is necessary:

  • A notebook, board or paper (something where you can write and draw)
  • A pen, color pencils or markers
  • A candle
  • A bowl
  • If you like, you can also use your favorite aroma with an incense or essential oils diffuser
  • Time to be alone, where you can be without any interruption
  • If you like, you can also use your favorite aroma with an incense or diffuser


Start preparing your space, create an ambient that make you feel good, with your favorite aroma, with the amount of light that you prefer.

Take all your materials and sit down, putting the candle and the bowl in front of you. Let the rest of the things accessible to you, but keep some space around you.

Seated in meditation posture, close your eyes and spend couple minutes being conscious of your breathing, feeling the air moving in and out of your body.

When you feel that you follow your breathing, feel your body. From your feet until your head, like a body scan, noticing how the air flow feels. Do it for 5 to 10 times.

Then give the thanks because you are alive, thanks for that moment you are having to spend with yourself, thanks for all the things that happened that moved you to the place you are today, thanks for your process and for what you achieve during the last year.

Reflect on it: What more can you ask that be alive? Without this, any of your dreams could be possible or imaginable.

You will notice how your body is more relaxed, your mind more calm, and your mood is happier.

Now define and intention for your ritual, as: let go some pattern, manifest some attitude or whatever thing you wish to bring to into your life. Take a paper and write it down.

Define two sides on your paper. On the right write the things that you wish to improve or let go and on the left side the things you want to create. And highlight them with different colors.

(This is called your first list)

Read it from right to left.

In another piece of paper re-write the things from the right side (to improve or let go) put the paper in the bowl and with the candle start burning it.

Observe how the paper is on fire, how all that words are becoming ashes and visualize how those things are going away from your life.

Meanwhile say the next: Thanks universe for all the lessons from my past, now I am ready to go into new learnings and move me to the future I want to create. And read your first list again from right to left.

After in a new paper, re-write and draw with pencil colors and markers what it’s in the left side of your paper, make it visual and nice.

When finished, repeat the next: Thanks universe for all the blessing you bring to my life. Today I invite this new experiences to my life to help me and support the process of live the best version of myself, I am present and grateful.

Then start imagining those things you wrote and drew, while you observe the fire in the candle in front of you, feel how that fire is the power of what you want to create.

Close your eyes and keep your attention between your eyebrows, imagining all what you wish becoming real. Do it for couple minutes.

Finish when you prefer taking 3 deep breaths before say again: Thanks universe for all the blessing you bring to my life. Today I invite this new experiences to my life to help me and support the process of live the best version of myself,I am present and grateful. And open your eyes to incorporate.

Put your list somewhere you can see it, and save your first list where you can go and check when you need(keep it, but not visible). It will be your reminder in the future, when you maybe feel lost and needing to observe and compare where you were and where you are.