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How to make friend with change?

Naturally, life in all its forms are in constant movement, nothing in it is more constant than the change, this is a pure manifestation of what life is.

I have been fortunate that I have always been good at changing. I am not resisting, because I am motivated by the desire to continue, to see the result, to experience “what is coming”. So it has been natural for me to make friend with change, to embrace it.

These days we can find a lot of information about and around the changes in life as theories in books, talks, quotes, researches and more.

Nevertheless, sometimes we focus on fear, but we need to embrace the change.

Only in human behavior are evident resistances to change. But to resist change is to resist the process of life.

What’s happening?

Are being forgotten the important factors of its acceptance, such as learn to close stages, chapters or stories of our lives. When at the end that is precisely what it means to live: Change, renew, go beyond our comfort zones and ourselves.
Is across the change that we can find new facets of life. So, it’s about daring, about not being stagnate to what is not giving us more value just for fear of change or the unknown.

And that’s not all

We also want to have control. When is necessary to learn that absolute security doesn’t exist, except in the case of death. And as much as we try to control our world, there will be always certain situations or circumstances that will happen without wishing for it and not having power to modify them.

For this is needed to know that:
To live the change, the only power we have is adaptation, it’s our innate ability and we should take the best of it.


Today I am writing about this subject from my own experience, since it has been something with a strong presence in the last 4 years of my life, in which many changes came as challenges that allowed me to adapt to the new, grow and evolve.

What could I say about them?

Some came to me as coincidence, while others were sought and created with intention.
Some made me feel shook, while others were like a warm hug.
But even so, all of them have taught me something.

From them I realised the importance of make friend with change.

I learned in the process of adapting myself the importance of make friend with change. And here are some tips I consider we should keep in mind while facing a change:

– Accept the process and try to surrender to what the universe bring us.

– Trust … Nothing more true than the saying: “after the storm comes the calm”.

– Definitely, everything is a matter of attitude. We are who decides if stop facing the problems or work finding solutions.

– In the end everything turns being simpler then it seemed. And I share with you something that since I listened it, I try to remind myself: In the movie “The shift”, by Wayne Dyer “he makes reference to: What is important in the morning of life, is no longer in the evening”.

This is totally true, it happens on a day to day basis.
In response, we should be more alert where our attention goes, because sometimes our imagination can lead us to oversize situations.
Because after having adapted to the change, everything that in the beginning was a worry has passed and we see ourselves in the present time completely well.

– Recognise yourself, because we have been brave and we have gone beyond fear.

With these tips, now when a change is coming, I can be receptive. Because I have learned that they are a chance to do better, to learn something new, to renew myself.

I encourage you try to make friends with change.