Flavoring Pitta Dosha Foods During Summer

Flavoring the right foods according to our dosha and the season can bring us well-being. This is why we better pay attention to the kind of energy and qualities presents in what we eat.

According to Ayurveda, the summer season is ruled by Pitta dosha, comprised of fire and water, as the principle of transformation and heat. 

In our body, it governs the metabolic and enzymatic activities and is responsible for digestion, absorption of nutrients, pigmentation, body temperature, hunger, thirst, and sight.

During summer, we have the tendency to experience imbalanced Pitta dosha because of the atmosphere.

Symptoms of excess or imbalanced Pitta in the body include:

  • Acne or Skin irritation.
  • Excessive Body Heat.
  • Peptic Ulcers, hyperacidity or heartburn.
  • Emotions like irritation, impatience anger, and frustration.
  • Diarrhea or other gastrointestinal disorders.

We can use the food as medicine and relieve these symptoms while balancing Pitta Dosha. For this, is essential to keep in mind that Ayurveda recommends treating via opposites.  So, the key is to provide the opposite energy.

That means, we should look for foods with cooling, stable, and grounding energy if we want to balance the hot, changing, and vibrant energy of pitta dosha.

There are many cooling foods to choose from. Consider some suggestions from the list below when looking for options:



Remember always

Stay focus on foods that are cooling and hydrating. And try to move away from excessively hot or spicy foods, which may aggravate the dosha.

Also, there are exceptions for this and if we already feel cool, by focusing on this same quality we will just bring more imbalance. For this reason, is always recommended to adjust your choices according to your personal condition.