A Simple Way To Connect With The Moon

Thinking about practice a simple way to connect with the moon, one day before the New Moon in Virgo, and after a summer quite moved at levels of change and new starts, I decided to take a pause to reflect on the intentions I want to set and work during the next moon cycle that is soon to start.

Among my intentions is to work on the discipline of my Yoga practice (Asana) and also on the level of confidence in my intuition, in my feminine energy. So today, in honor to them and the moon, I am sharing with you a practice to connect, cool, reflect and calm down.

I am talking about Chandra namaskar (Moon Salutation), a practice focused on recognize and respect the lunar side our being, which is defined as the feminine side, the mother, the divine woman side.

How it works?

This sequence is and opportunity to practice the opposites, to recognize that take a moment can be needed, to reflect on what is happening, to cool the body and to honor the divine woman within; that feminine energy, which is intuitive, creative, nourishing and enduring.

We get moving to help balance our yin and yang, our solar and lunar, our masculine and feminine qualities. Because when both of these energies are in harmony, we feel balanced, more vibrant, calm and with vitality.

It is said that this sequence, practiced with intention, awareness, sensitivity and at a relaxed rhytm, becomes a prayer for our lunar center and that with persistence it helps us to identify that feminine subtlety that resides in us.This is something that encourage us to contact the Moon and keep it present in our daily life, leaving aside the competition, vigor and dynamism that governs the solar character in our activities.

Can be practice always that wished, being more effective during the new moon or full moon, better if is done with the moonlight and with empty stomach. Each pose follows the rhythm of a paused breath, inhaling when we go into the pose and exhaling when we change to the next, while feeling our body movement.

We can find many versions of this. So, I invite you to explore them and choose which suits your preferences.