Venus Retrograde and the feminine energy

On October 5th, Venus, the planet of love and beauty, started the 40 of her retrograde period, until November. This event came to us aligned with that same energy that the equinox left us and the change of season, asking for balance, reviewing what turns us off, letting go the fear and transcending in love. […]

Autumn Equinox: Time of Balance

The autumn comes showing us how change can be beautiful, to teach us all the good about the idea of letting go. At 3:54 am (Spain) we will have the Autumn Equinox that marks the change of season. In the Northern Hemisphere the autumn will arrive, what means change, reflection and cleanse to create what […]

A Simple Way To Connect With The Moon

Thinking about practice a simple way to connect with the moon, one day before the New Moon in Virgo, and after a summer quite moved at levels of change and new starts, I decided to take a pause to reflect on the intentions I want to set and work during the next moon cycle that is […]