Flavoring Pitta Dosha Foods During Summer

Flavoring the right foods according to our dosha and the season can bring us well-being. This is why we better pay attention to the kind of energy and qualities presents in what we eat. According to Ayurveda, the summer season is ruled by Pitta dosha, comprised of fire and water, as the principle of transformation […]

How to make friend with change?

Naturally, life in all its forms are in constant movement, nothing in it is more constant than the change, this is a pure manifestation of what life is. I have been fortunate that I have always been good at changing. I am not resisting, because I am motivated by the desire to continue, to see […]

How To Make Ghee

You may have listened about ghee and the benefits of include it in your diet, or you have seen on the shelves of your favorite healthy food store. Now, as part of the postpartum care it is a must in my meals, because during this period the use of healthy fats and oils should be […]

Using the moon phases to connect with your intentions

The moon has a powerful effect on water. This is studied intensively by scientists who track how the moon impacts the ocean and the tides.  Our human bodies are made up of 85% water, which might explain why we are also impacted by the moon phases. Along her cycle, the Moon in her phases allows […]

New Year Intentions and Ritual

<We are what we decide to become> The end of the year is the perfect reminder to take a break, pause a bit our life and reflect on what is going on, is a good moment to go back and think about the lessons learned, recognise the achievements and draw new landscapes to broke our […]

Slow down: 10 Things Pregnant Women Should Do

Slow down is not a new word in my life, certainly it has being for couple years one of my hardest intentions to put in action, always present in my lifestyle choices, but not in the proportion I wished. During my first months of pregnancy my experiences made it a must for my well being […]

Autumn flavor to balance vata

Lately I had being more aware of the length of days and changes in the quality of light at the end of the day, and is curious how every season with his changes can be felt it as something totally new, yesterday I was talking with my boyfriend about how even being something that happens […]

Autumn Foods

Going into the autumn, we can notice the change in the foods that we want. At the same time that those that we have available in the market start changing and the roots and vegetables that we use to eat cooked start arriving. This moment is when we usually said goodbye to the juicy and […]

Watermelon Salad

Saying goodbye to the summer with this delicious and simple recipe. Last days has being notorious the change of the season, we can already feel the awakenings dark mornings that bring to us the shorter days, with less minutes of sun. Couple months ago that I moved to Málaga, although if here seems that we […]

Tips for transition with the season changes

In my life, the seasons are something relatively new. Because from where I am, although we have diverse climate types, we don’t live them as the change of seasons. My first experience with the season changes was the last part of an autumn that was becoming winter. I remember that the hardest part was to […]