How to make friend with change?

Naturally, life in all its forms are in constant movement, nothing in it is more constant than the change, this is a pure manifestation of what life is. I have been fortunate that I have always been good at changing. I am not resisting, because I am motivated by the desire to continue, to see […]

There are two heartbeats

The creative impulse of life is the most powerful force in the universe. Today I believe it because I am living it. I can say that I had never feel excitement in the way I did it the day I listened the sound of two heartbeats coming from inside my body. The only word that […]

Missing out to give love to ourselves

Being women, we are naturally the action in the verb to give. We connect with the world by what we give. This is something we do from our different roles. Either as mothers, daughters, professionals, partners or friends. But sometimes we forget to do it from our individual role, missing out to give love to […]