Autumn Foods

Going into the autumn, we can notice the change in the foods that we want. At the same time that those that we have available in the market start changing and the roots and vegetables that we use to eat cooked start arriving.

This moment is when we usually said goodbye to the juicy and watery, that we are used to eat in fresh or raw preparations. Because our body start ask us to warm it up.

Eat according to the seasons, support us to stay healthy and flow with the cycle of nature, at the same time we support local products and farmer markets.

Our body reacts in the same way with fresh and raw foods from summer, if we consume it in the cold environment of autumn and winter. We react different when we eat a soup or a stew dish during summer, in the same way that we do it with a cold soup as a meal during winter, we feel that is not according with our needs.

According with the way our body functions works, during summer our system is more active. And with the change to the autumn it start to slow down to balance the previous activity and create energy reserves for the winter.

Throughout this process choose to eat seasonal help us to have a good digestion and feel us with energy and vitality.

Autumn tastes are usually more intense; are healthy and can be prepared together with healthy fats, legumes, cereals and mixing them with spices to give them more taste.

Are ideal for make in stews, soups, conserves, rices, jams, baked, grilled and as cake or pie.

My loyal friend for this season and the winter is without doubt the oven!

Swiss Chard



Butternut Squash, Pumpkin, Kabocha


Although with globalisation, we can get a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in almost any season, the best time to consume them is they are in season, when their flavours, textures and prices are the best.

Autumn brings us in all its splendor foods rich in flavour and texture. These create the feeling of stability that the body needs during the colder months.

Among them we find:

Vegetables such as chard, eggplant, sweet potatoes or sweet potatoes, pumpkins, cabbages, spinach, peppers, carrots, beets and turnips.

Fruits such as persimmons, chestnuts, cherimoyas, pomegranates, figs, tangerines, apples, quince, pears and grapes.

As well as mushrooms.


Mother nature created seasons for a reason. And she knows her stuff .