Venus Retrograde and the feminine energy

On October 5th, Venus, the planet of love and beauty, started the 40 of her retrograde period, until November.

This event came to us aligned with that same energy that the equinox left us and the change of season, asking for balance, reviewing what turns us off, letting go the fear and transcending in love.

In instagram I had already told you a little about this subject, but now I will give more details:

*The Earth and Venus dance around the sun

Over a period of 8 years, Venus has five retrograde periods, five meeting points in which Venus interposes, so to speak, between the Sun and the Earth, in a dance that traces a pattern with the beautiful image of a flower, the flower of Venus, also known as the seed of life.

This sacred geometric pattern illustrates the energy that Venus brings us: Love, beauty and femininity. It reminds us that these energies are the basis of all life and must be respected and protected.

That’s not all…

In different cultures around the world the Planet Venus has being associated with the beauty and harmony of the cosmos.

The retrograde periods, which makes this pattern, are also a moment for us to return to beauty through the appreciation of what we have around us. From this place, we can return to a state of love.

Venus and her feminine energy, always moves from love. It can be a warrior, but it always moves from compassion, it reminds us the beauty in every situation, it makes us aware that we are not alone. Their sense of community is something deeply related to the feminine energy and nature.

How can you actually use this?

As part of this 40 days with Venus retrograde, my proposal is to have 40 days of more love, to see again, the beauty of people and what is around us, to connect with our femininity and our nature.

That’s why I want share with you a list of 15 small actions that help us to connect with our feminine energy:

  1. Choose intuition over logic.
  2.  Change towards an abundance mindset.
  3. Collaborate instead of competing.
  4. Ask us daily how we feel. We can write it, to help us get it out, if necessary.
  5. Love our body, give it love (take a bath, give us a massage, etc.)
  6. Do something to stimulate our creativity (can be to paint, create a new recipe, etc.)
  7. Nourish something (like a plant or us).
  8. Dance and sing.
  9. Practice hip opening exercises. Yoga postures like: Utkata Konosana (The Goddess Pose), Baddha Konasana (Butterfly Pose) or any other. Later I will make a post dedicated to this.
  10. Connect with other women. (Meet with friends, attend a Women’s Circle, etc.)
  11. Buy fresh flowers regularly.
  12. Contemplate the sea, observing its power and energy. In case that you don’t have it close, generally being in contact with nature works.
  13. Remember that both, men and women are made of masculine and feminine energy; and it’s about living in balance, so let’s connect.
  14. Women should teach to men in their lives how they want to be treated with compassion, from their energy.
  15. Men should listen to that female guide, who will open up to change his perspective and be more conscious.


The feminine is inherent to defend the frequency of love. Develop this in you and project love in every situation.