What is B’womland?

It’s a space dedicated to women’s.

Here we cultivate well being and embrace the feminine energy to live in balance with the nature within us and around us.

This space has been created to explore, discover, embrace and nourish the feminine nature. Which is the intuition and creativity present in every woman as the essence of sharing, caring, creating, nourishing and loving.

How B’womland lives?

– Combining inspiration and practices for a well being  by sharing a lifestyle focused on conscious and connected living for women’s.

– Mothering the life and the process in our best way by embracing the feminine energy and characteristics within us, women’s.

– Based on self-knowledge and self-care practices we learn how ayurveda and yoga help us to be in balance.

Knowing that living in balance, conscious and connected is about knowing ourselves, that’s the start point and where slow down and listen to our intuition works as cues that guide our every day.

It’s about know and live our own rhythm.

Which is our mission?

Our mission is to create and build a women’s community in a space where to share and connect while we explore and discover a deeper sense and action of self-love, to incorporate it in our lives though inner connection and wellness practices.

This is our reason for share and show you different ways to create them.

What you will find on B’womland?

– Inspiration and information to connect with your nature and embrace the feminine energy in different stages of women’s life.

-Tools for balance and grow your connection with the nature.

-Easy ways to cultivated well being through: food and recipes, practices and reflections based on personal experiences.

-Easy approaches from ayurveda and yoga disciplines applied to lifestyle.